An organized structure with the goal of offering excellence in its production and in the services it ensures


Quality and innovation

Milkline develops cutting-edge technology by finding innovative solutions which are tailored to the real needs of the farmer.



The Milkline team is made up of different people. It's from the quality of each member that new ideas and solutions may originate.



Passion is the driving force behind our work, it is what continuously takes us one step further, towards perpetually higher goals.


Customer focus

Being aware of the high standard our clients expect from us, we always give our best, constantly ensuring high quality standards.

Last news

6+6 Herringbone Milking with P4C

A new 6+6 Herringbone Milking parlour was installed whit Option Plus in UAE.

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RTS Transport Milk with 6 milking clusters

A new RTS milking parlour with 6 milking clusters was installed in Batar, Romania, that will serve 39 milking cow directly to the post.

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5+5 Herringbone parlour with MILPRORED

A new Herringbone 5+5 milking parlour with Milprored control unit was installed in Trzemeszno, Poland, that will serve 80 milking cow.

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