An organized structure with the goal of offering excellence in its production and in the services it ensures


Quality and innovation

Milkline develops cutting-edge technology by finding innovative solutions which are tailored to the real needs of the farmer.



The Milkline team is made up of different people. It's from the quality of each member that new ideas and solutions may originate.



Passion is the driving force behind our work, it is what continuously takes us one step further, towards perpetually higher goals.


Customer focus

Being aware of the high standard our clients expect from us, we always give our best, constantly ensuring high quality standards.

Last news

New 16+16 Milking parlour for cows with MILKIT P4C

A new milking facility for 400 cows with integrated and technologically advanced MILKIT P4C SMART system has been completed by our dealer ZOOFARM ANIMAL HEALTH SRL in Romania

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3+3 herringbone parlour for jenny donkeys

New milking parlour installed in Bari, Italia, designed to allow the milking of animals without the presence of the foal and the correct positioning at the milking point thanks to pneumatic barrier.

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New 24+24 milking parlour for goats

A new milking parlour has been installed in Jebel, Romania. It is a 24+24 milking parlour for goats, the ideal solution to achieve rapid and effective milking.

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