The DYNAMICP4C milking clusters is equipped with a patented deflector that keeps milk flow independent per quarter and measures milk electric conductivity of each trough for built-in conducivity cells.

Mean features

  • Plastic protection on the liner connection to the claw.
  • The patented Milkline MILGRIP handle (optional) provides an ergonomic design.
  • Four-line pulsation tube specifically designed for quarter-based pulsation management.
  • Patented deflector with 4 independent conductometric cells and milk flow separator per quarter. Its special shape provides vacuum stability and prevents cross-contamination.
  • Milk claw with increased milk flow outlet and reduced outlet angle (8°) fo highly productive animals.
  • Central claw outlet to maximise evacuation capacity.
  • Milkline's teat cup, liner and protection ring combination provides special protection and high resistence.

Technical specifications

  • Cluster weight: 2,250 kg
  • Claw capacity: 350 cc - 450 cc
  • Milk output: 13x19 mm (inner/outer diameter)
  • Milk inlet nipples: 8x12 mm (inner/outer diameter)

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