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MILCHMOBIL NEXT The next generation of mobile calf feeding.

Providing milk to calves in their first days of life is often a major challenge for farms. If calves are kept in individual pens, milk usually has to be mixed by hand and transported to the calves, taking a lot of effort. The new MilchMobil NEXT makes daily calf feeding a lot easier with its ability to heat and cool the feed. Afterwards the milk can be transported to the calf barn effortlessly thanks to its electric drive, and it can be portioned out precisely. Especially in farms with AMS the MilchMobil NEXT with integrated cooling floor is an optimal solution, cooling the milk and keeping it fresh as it gets to the MilchMobil NEXT throughout the entire day.

The right model for every farm

The MilchMobil NEXT impresses with many new functions and equipment options that are essential in the daily farm life. It is available as 120 and 200 liters model with and without cooling floor and as 300 liters model without cooling floor. Depending on the type, the MilchMobil NEXT can be pushed or pulled.

The drawbar head - no matter if pulling or pushing - has all the important functional keys for the operation of the dosing unit, adjustment and selection of the feeding amount and the change of the driving level.

120 litre push or pull
120 litre push or pull
200 litre push or pull
200 litre push or pull
300 litres pull
300 litres pull

Guide bar
Guide bar (pull and push version)

Quick and gentle feed preparation

feed preparation

By indirect heat transfer, a water bath heats the feed to the desired temperature, then keeps it stable during the drive and prevents the milk from burning. Thanks to the preheating function of the water bath, the milk is available even faster and preparation proceeds as gently as possible. Powerful mixing or gentle stirring - both are possible here. By means of a 2-stage agitator, both fresh milk and milk powder can be prepared in a suitable way. The agitator can also be activated while the machine is in motion, for example to prevent additives from settling.

AMS-equipment for fresh milk feeding

An integrated cooling floor can be supplied with cold water directly from the water source or via a refrigeration unit controlled by the MilchMobil NEXT to cool the milk efficiently and constantly. This is a particular advantage for farms with milking robots that permanently accumulate fresh milk, as milk hygiene and quality are maintained without effort.

Intelligent cooling and heating control

All heating and cooling processes are time and level controlled. That means that fresh milk that has been filled into the MilchMobil NEXT throughout the day (e.g. via a milking robot) can be automatically cooled and heated to the specified feeding time.

High driving stability on any terrain

stability on any terrain

The four wheels and the electric traction drive as well as the high stability of the chassis enable safe and comfortable driving in all conditions. 

Best hygiene with a little labor

The tank as well as all milk-carrying parts are cleaned by means of a circulation cleaning system and a rotating cleaning nozzle. The cleaning temperature is automatically controlled and adjusted to the set temperature. Afterwards, the MilchMobil NEXT is quickly ready for use again.

MR-calculator, portion control, cleaning nozzle, dosing unit - always on board!

The MilchMobil NEXT has many high-performance components as standard, as well as software functions, such as the MR-calculator for calculating the required milk replacer quantities.

Optional equipment

milk jug holder

The milk jug holder

Provides space for multiple milk jugs or teat buckets, which can be easily transported. When the milk jug holder is not needed, you can simply fold it up.

adjustable dosing arm

The height-adjustable dosing arm

Is attached on the right side of the MilchMobil NEXT. It is used to fix the dispensing gun at a certain height and orientation. This makes it more comfortable to drive along a row of individual boxes and fill the buckets without physical strain.

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