Milkline's SILENT VARIO vacuum are designed to ensure efficient, silent and reliable operation. The direct-drive technology, without belts and pulleys, ensures lower noise operation - 72 dB vs. 80 dB of traditional belt-dirve pumps - and guarantees higher performance with less energy consumption.

Mean features

  • Three.way capillary oiler to ensure precise oil dosing and no waste.
  • New horizontal silencer with integrated oil recovery system.
  • Direct drive via elastic coupling that assure lower noise operation and higher performance with less energy consumption.
  • Cooling fan to ensure reliable pump-forced cooling even at low rotation speeds.
  • Espcecially suitable for VARIOSPEED VCU drive.

Technical specifications

  • Product category/Pump type: Direct-driven and oil-lubrificated vane vacuum pump
  • Airflow capacity [at 50kPa]: From 950 to 2,700 l/min
  • Rpm: From 1,370 to 1,400
  • Motor power: From 2.2 to 5.5 kW
  • Available configurations: On plate, with or without vacuum tank
    Option of installin the vacuum unit 'on the wall' thanks to specific fittings
  • Optionals: Hot-dip galvanised vacuum tank - from 50 to 100 l

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