Herd Management System DataFlow™ II

The Milkline DataFlowTM II Herd Management System is a complete, integrated, real-time, cow monitoring and milking management solution.

herd management systemA PC-based system, it delivers real-time information on cows' heat, health, rumination, and on the milking process. This system provides dairy producers with powerful herd management tools, including reports, graphs, analytics, task lists and lifetime cow card history.

The user-friendly interface ensures extremely simple consultation. The system also enables control and support of other components such as selection gates, feeding stations, a walk-through scale.

The ultimate Dairy Farm management software

DataFlowT MII Herd Management Software allows to control and manage all the aspects of the dairy farm productive process:

  • Milking - individual milking point control and monitoring of milking processes and efficiency in real-time.
  • Reproduction - precise heat detection and optimization of conception rates through animal activity and movement intensity measurements.
  • Health - early detection of health problems for each individual animal through continuous recording of rumination in minutes.
  • Feeding - support for developing the best feeding strategy for and exact indications on ration effectiveness or alimentation changes.
  • Calving difficulty/postpartum disorders - warning for potential calving difficulties and possible post-partum health problems.
  • Veterinary - veterinary diagnostic activities and checks made easier through specific reports.

terminalDATA TERMINAL: DATAFLOWTM II  in milking parlour

The system includes the Data Terminal, a touchscreen terminal installed in the milking parlour. This important tool allows the operators to interact with the software, entering data, events in real time, checking the alarms on specific cows directly from the milking parlour. The Data Terminal also provides an active interface with other modules of the system like the selection gate, allowing the farmer to manage the animal sorting through it.

appMOBILE APP: manage your herd wherever you want

With the DataFlowTM II Milking Mobile App users can easily manage their animals throughout important happenings during their lactation. The farmer can consult animal data and reports and insert new data and events by the App. Users can also manage the sorting process by their App, sending to the selection gate animals that require special attention. Individual animal data, graphs, reports and production data are now all available in your hands everywhere at any time

Why choose the DataFlowTM stable management system

There are many advantages that management software for your herd can offer you. So many functions and so much data to get the most out of your herd. Let's take a look at the main ones together:

Real-time parlor information for maximum efficiency

herd management software

Gain online control and knowledge of the individual and herd-wide milking process based on real-time information received from Milkline milking points and Milkline tags.

The Real Time screen shows the milking process in progress and the status of each milking stall: identification of the animal successfully or not, milk production, any alarms and anomalies, entry and exit gates status, stall where milking is in progress and posts where it has ended, and more.

The best heat detection combining activity and rumination data

heat detection

DataFlowTM II collect tag data every 20 minute, 24 hours a day and, combining cow activity with her own rumination behavior, can identify animal in heat and send an automatic alert to the farmer. The system identifies not only animals eligible for insemination, but using a dedicated “breeding window” indicate the best moment for cow insemination as a count-down in terms of hours to the expected ovulation time.

Early detection of health problems for a prompt recovering

herd management software

DataFlowTM II combine activity, rumination and milking data to detect health problem at an early stage allowing to the farmer promptly intervene.

Group monitoring reports monitor the behaviour at the group level and identify the group routine to be able to detect any critical issues. Group data informs the response to immediate issues, and guide long-term planning to improve herd-wide nutrition, wellbeing and productivity.

Heat stress condition that have an impact on the herd

group monitoring

The group monitoring function helps understanding if a specific group or the whole herd are suffering for heat stress condition.  

Based on the heat stress data collected by the system, the farmer can adopt the proper cooling strategy to mitigate and manage hot temperatures and guarantee animal wellbeing and milk production as well.  

Feeding strategy management by rumination and eating data


DataFlowTM II monitors rumination and eating behaviour at group level during the day and identify any critical variation that can affect a single group or the whole herd. The system also saves all the historical data, giving to the farmer the possibility to review past date and evaluate the impact on different feeding strategies in different period of time. Users can analyse the impact of every voluntary or involuntary variation in the feeding ratio and optimize your feeding strategy to reach the perfect balance between feeding cost and animal wellbeing and productive performances.

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