MILPROP4C is a unique and technologically advanced system that allows quarter-based control and management of the milking process.

MILPROP4C enables the detection of the milk flow end from each quarter, so that milking can be stopped per quarter, reducing overmilking. MILPROP4C, thanks to the P4C pulsator that is always combined with it, manages the 4 pulsation channels completely independently and applies the variable pulsation (i.e. automatically adjusted according to the milk flow) to each quarter.

Moreover, during milking the system measures the milk’s electric conductivity per quarter and signals possible quarter infections in real time, greatly enhancing the detection of subclinical mastitis.

It can be combined with either the FFS30 milk flow sensor (not ICAR-approved) or the MEL1000 milk meter (ICAR-approved).

MILPROP4C must be combined with a few specific components in order to perform all of its functions

  • P4C pulsator (pulsator that manages 4 separate pulsation channels)
  • 4-line pulsation tube that allows the 4 pulsator channels to be managed independently
  • MilproP4C claw - internally fitted with a deflector that separates the milk from the 4 quarters of the udder and able to manage each one independently; it measures the electric conductivity of the milk and removes the individual quarter at the end of milking.

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