New Herringbone parlour with Milkit Smart

It's been 7 months since the world has entered an unprecedented time of change and uncertainty. But despite the COVID-19 our Dealers are still working hard all over the world and that our farmers never stop.

Milkline team always guarantees its customers a complete service and is able to receive orders and process them in the usual times.

Milkline can proudly share its contribute with new Herringbone milking parlours that just few days ago our dealer YH DAIRY in SUD KOREA has finalized.

Each milking parlour is equipped with:

  • MILKIT SMART , to manage the conductivity and automatic interruption of milking at the end of the flow , for single quarter.
  • The new Clean-O-Smart cleaning system with automatic detergent dosing which permits the perfect sanitization of the system and total customization of the cleaning cycles.
  • Animal monitoring DataFlow™ II herd management software which allows to maximise the farm efficiency.




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