C-SENSE Cow collar

The Milkline identification and monitoring system combines rumination monitoring, heat detection and cow identification functionality to give dairy farmers a revolutionary tool to monitor their cows in real-time, 24 hours a day.

Total monitoring: activity, rumination and heat detection

The identification and monitoring system is composed by C-SENSE tag, mounted on a belt equipped with a weight that guarantee sensor right positioning on cow neck. Thanks to its specific design and optimised weight, the tag does not interfere with the natural animal behaviour.

The C-SENSE tag provides animal identification for milking parlour, selection gates, weight scale and feeding stations. The tag, as well, monitors animal activity, rumination and combining them with milking data, provide early health problems detection. The C-SENSE tag use rumination and activity data to ensure a more accurate and precise heat detection.

The rumination evaluation allows to monitor the most delicate phases of the cow lactation as the first lactation period, the lactation peak, or the pre-partum period, early identifying metabolic diseases and lameness, giving to the farmer the possibility to intervene promptly.

C-SENSE tag can also identify animals that are suffering for hot temperature and put on evidence the heat stress condition in the herd or in a specific group. Thank to this new function, the farmer can adopt and calibrate the proper strategy to mitigate and manage hot temperature and guarantee the wellbeing of their animals.

How C-Sense collars work

Each animal is equipped with a collar complete with C-SENSE tag. One or more wireless antennas collect tag data every 20 minutes and send them to DataFlowTM II herd management software, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (via Long Distance technology). The system information is up to date all time, no matter where animals are located.

DataFlowTM II collects, elaborate and store all the animal data to generate specific reports, graphs and alerts. Data provided by tags are combined with the milking data coming from every milking session to obtain a full picture of the herd condition and give to the farmer a complete and integrated tool for cow monitoring and milking management.

Choose the right monitoring plans for your farm

Farmers can choose from different hardware and plan options according to farm size and production goals and assemble different combinations on the same far to get the right mix for their need.

You can also upgrade your existing Application Plan at any time, if you decide to expand the available functions.


STARTER PLAN: rumination monitoring

C-SENSE TAG, associated with Starter App Plan, provide animal identification inside the milking parlour and monitors activity and rumination 24 hours a day.

Combining activity and rumination data, the Starter solution is able to detect animal in heat in a really precise and accurate way (Heat Report) and, at the same time, identify the ones that are not showing heats (Anestrous cows Report) or other that are subject to ovaric cysts or embryo resorption (Irregular Heats Report). Also other valuable report, as Pregnancy probabiliy, are available to cover all the aspect related to fertility and reproduction.

ADVANCED PLAN: cow health monitoring

C-SENSE TAG, associated with Advanced App Plan, provide animal identification inside the milking parlour, monitors activity and rumination 24 hours a day. The Advanced solution includes all the functions available for the Starter version, but is also able to manage health reports and alerts.

Based on rumination deviation and milking data, the Advanced Plan can provide several reports that identify promptly animal that are suffering for an health issue. (Health report – Distress Report and Alerts). Also an easy to use Report put on evidence every day all the animal that are going to calve and the ones that recently calved (Fresh and Pre-Fresh Cows report), helping the farmer to keep under control the animals in the most delicate phase of their lactation, the Transition Period.

With the Advanced Plan the customer will be able to customize existing reports and create their own, easily adapting the system to fits the business need (Report Generator).

PREMIUM PLAN: group monitoring

C-SENSE TAG, associated with Premium App Plan, provide animal identification inside the milking parlour, monitors activity, rumination and group behaviour 24 hours a day. The Premium solution includes all the functions available for the Advanced version and is also able to monitor the Group Behaviour. The Premium solution represent the most advanced and complete tool for farm management.

Group monitoring function analyze animal behavior at group level, allowing to monitor group routine and consequently identify any abnormal change that can impact on animal wellbeing (Daily group consistency - routine reports and graphs). Combining group data, as rumination and eating, we can also take under control the herd feeding behaviour and define an effective feeding strategy, optimizing the food cost.

The Premium App is also able to understsand if animals are suffering for hot themperature, detecting heat stress condition in one or more group. Based on the heat stress monitoring, the farmer will be able to adopt the best cooling strategy to mitigate hot themperature, ensuring cow wellbeing and good productive performances.

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