Intensive calf feeding lays the perfect foundation for healthy, high-performance dairy cattle herds. Supplying calves based on their needs has a lifelong positive effect on vitality, fertility and output as well as the service life of the later dairy cows. An automatic feeding system can save valuable working time while simultaneously ensuring the genetic potential of the animals is fully exploited.

How it works

The automatic feeder mixes the portions at the optimal feed temperature, supplies the connected feeding boxes in the calf groups around the clock with freshly prepared feed and reliably monitors feeding. Depending on the model, fresh milk, milk replacer feed or both can be administered. The electronic animal identification feature identifies each calf when it enters the feeding box, which allows the automatic feeder to supply each calf with the optimal feed quantity, based on its age and the set feeding plan. Automatic animal identification additionally protects calves from overfeeding and enables the precise portion size consumed by each calf to be linked to each respective calf. All key information can be accessed at any time.


The COMPACT automatic feeder makes it easy to get started with professional calf feeding. The COMPACT can supply fresh feed to up to 50 calves at two feeding stations, making it ideal for smaller farms. The COMPACT is available for use with milk replacer only, or as a combination version capable of feeding both fresh milk as well as milk replacer.


The top-of-the-line VARIO is best suited for large farms that insist on the highest standards of calf raising. The VARIO simultaneously and reliably feeds up to 120 calves at four feeding stations. Additionally the VARIO makes combined feeding of calves possible, regardless of whether they are in single pens or kept in groups! The VARIO is available for use with fresh milk, milk replacer.


Max numer of stations 2 4
Max number of stations that can be feed at the same time 1 4
Max number of calves per station 25 30
Max number of calves 50 120
Milk powder capacity 35 kg 35 (+50) kg
Engine power milk pump 2,5 kW 5.0 kW
Potenza motore pompa latte 120 W 250W
Maximum distance between feeder and teat 3 m 8 m

Compact and Vario Equipments 

Automatic calibration

The patented calibration scale beneath the mixing jar automatically calibrates the feed components during feeding and adjusts them accordingly. Calibration ensures exact dosing independent of temperature, humidity, powder density or filling level.

Vapour screen

Vapour screen prevents milk powder deposits at the powder outlet.

Fly protection

The fly protection door prevents flies from getting into the feed. The perforated surface guarantees optimal air circulation.

Tilting teat

With the tilting mechanism, this teat changes her position during the suckling time and then lower to drained outside the calf area milk and saliva residues via the draining bowl located below the tilting teat.


With its fully automated hose and teat cleaning features, the HygieneBox ensures optimal hygiene. The complete system can be flushed several times a day, including inside the teat tip. The teat is additionally cleaned externally after each calf. The portable HygieneBox also lets calves engage their natural udder butting movements. The integrated activity sensor measures udder butting movements and further optimizes the automatic feeder’s early disease detection.

Raceway MaxiFlex

The frame of the Raceway MaxiFlex feeding station is height and widthadjustable and can be combined with a swing-up pivoting frame (optional).

FDX/HDX antenna

The FDX/HDX antenna registers each calf and shows the status of entitlement via an LED. Compatible with all common transponders.


CalfApp & CalfCloud

Worldwide informed The practical management tools CalfApp and CalfCloud are the ideal supplement to the internet-capable VARIO and COMPACT smart automatic feeders. They provide access to all automatic feeder and calf data, with a clear and user-friendly design. CalfCloud allows you to conveniently view the data anytime and anywhere, while CalfApp additionally enables you to control the automatic feeder remotely.

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