Lambs and baby Goats



The automatic feeders from Förster-Technik have proven themselves worldwide in the raising of lambs and kids. They provide low-labour feeding and ensure the healthy growth of the animals. With only one device you can feed up to 240 lambs reliably and safely. The machines are very robust, since many of the components are based on components from Förster calf feeder technology, which has been tried and tested countless times over.

Ad-lib machines – feeding until full!

The lambs ingest their feed via a sucking teat as desired. The feed which consists of water and milk substitute (MP) is prepared hot and fresh in small portions in feeding boxes and quickly and intensively mixed. The water remains constant at the selected temperature, thanks to the special built-in boiler. The powder system precisely dispenses all established kinds of MP.

Operation made easy

The automatic lamb feeder can be easily and intuitively operated thanks to its compact control unit and the 7-segment display. With the clearly laid out function menu, the water and MP portion size can be configured separately with the direct select buttons.

Reliably at the right temperature

The boiler, which has a temperature sensor, an electronic heating regulator and a minimum temperature monitor, ensures that the feed always has the right temperature, and can be easily configured and checked. High mixture production is guaranteed through its up to 5 kW strong heat output. In addition, you can equip your feeder with a mixer heating unit This keeps the milk in the mixer warm, also when it is not drunk over a longer period of time. This way your lambs always receive feed with a constant pleasant temperature, which is especially important for goat kids who do not really like to drink milk that has cooled off.

Easy cleaning

The semi-automatic mixer cleaning system is efficient and easy to operate. At the press of a button you have water with a high temperature at your disposal. The open, tiltable feeding box is easily accessible and makes it possible to easily do a function check at any time. You can easily remove deposits in the suction hoses with the help of the hose cleaning pistol and also clean longer hoses with no trouble

Ready, steady, drink!

Approximately 20-30 lambs can be fed per feeding station. Depending on the model and your needs, you can equip the automatic feeders with up to 8 feeding stations

Teat position for large and small

The height adjustable front plate and the variable teat position make it possible to mount the teat flexibly and age appropriately.

Flies will buzz off

The fine-pored fly screen for the mixer prevents flies from getting into the feeding box. Steam that arises in the feeding box can easily escape because of the large size of the box and through the pores; condensation water is easily prevented this way.

ECO lamb and baby goat feeder - available versions

 TAP5-EZ2 – 32TAP5 – EZ2 - 50
Powder tank capacity Approx. 35 kg Approx. 35 kg
Heat output 3,2 kW (230 V) 5.0 kW (400 V)
Feeding stations Max 6 Max 8
Nr of lamb or baby goats per feeding stations 20 to 30 20 to 30
Max number of lamb or baby goats 180 240
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 114x64x52 cm 114x64x52 cm
Weight Approx. 34 kg Approx. 34 kg

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