8+8 Parallel Milking with ED200

euro serviceMilkline is proud to announce a new Parallel 8+8 milking parlour installation in Piemonte, Italy, that will serve 100 milking cows: with the ED200 Milking Control Unit the maximum performance and excellent control of the milking process is guaranteed

The Side by Side exit allows an optimal routine of access/exit times from the milking points and the milking cluster with the 350cc high capacity claw guarantees fast and effective milking.

It' equipped with a vacuum group of 2000 L/min. at 50 kPa with Vane Pump and 100L galvanized tank.

The continuous animal monitoring and the DataFlow™ II herd management software allow to maximise the farm efficiency.

We congratulate our local dealer "Euro service" for the perfect installation of this important milking system and we thank all those farmers that everyday choose Milkline.






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