New Tandem parlour 3+3 with Milkit Smart

Milkline is proud to announce the start-up of a new "state of the art" Tandem milking parlour 3+3. The system will milk 40 dairy cows in Oberburg, in Switzerland, at the Kloetzi farm.

Rindlisbacher Thanks to Milkit Smart, the complete plug-and-play system for single milking point management, the works was quickly and easy, both in installation and in wiring.

The choose of Milkline's Clean-o-smart, the most advanced automatic cleaning system to keep milking plant perfectly clean and sanitised, will allow the farmer to maximise his milk income and save on labour costs.

We congratulate our local dealer Rindlisbacher AG for the perfect installation of this new milking system and we thank all those farmers that everyday choose Milkline.





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