New Rotary milking parlour for sheep

A new milking parlour has been installed by our dealer AGRICENTER.

It is a 36-milking places Rotary milking parlour for sheep, the ideal system to milk a high number of animals.

Main features:

  • internal milking and hot-galvanized carpentry
  • automatic distribution of two types of feed at the stall
  • SILENT vacuum units controlled by VARIOSPEED inverter for effective energy saving
  • Programmable electronic pulsation
  • CLEAN O TRONIC automatic cleaning system with programmable detergent dosage and temperature control
  • Latest generation Milkline ML / SG milking units, with their high capacity and silicone liners with calibrated air inlet, that guarantee excellent milk disposal even with high flows

The milking parlour is suitable for milking Lacaune sheeps, bred in the farm.

We congratulate our local dealer "Agricenter" for the perfect installation of this new milking system and we thank all those farmers that everyday choose our products.





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