New milking wagon for sheep with 12 milking points

Milkline is pleased to present a new milking wagon with 12 milkling points dedicated to sheep and prepared by our Sardinian dealer. Agritecno.

With this wagon it is possible to milk anywhere and there is no need for electricity or a power generator. It is also possible to request approval for road traffic.

agritecnoMilkline milking wagon has a series of features that make it a valuable tool for the farmer:

  • Hot galvanized milking points with separating gate and feed distributor
  • Simultaneous front output
  • Lateral up ramp.
  • Non-slip ashlar flooring
  • Folding protection canopy.
  • 12 ML O / C milking units with silicone sheaths
  • 6 ML120 pneumatic pulsator
  • 1500 LT / min HP150 vacuum unit at 50 kPa
  • 10 HP diesel engine
  • Heat recovery system from the discharge of the vacuum pump for heating the washing water.
  • Milking in stainless steel bin of 50 LT

We congratulate our local dealer Agritecno for the perfect installation of this new milking wagon and we thank all those farmers that everyday choose Milkline.






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