New 16+16 Milking parlour for cows with MILKIT P4C

Milkline is proud to announce the completion of a new milking plant that will milk 400 cows in Dumitra, Romania. The milking parlour has been installed by our dealer  ZOOFARM ANIMAL HEALTH SRL together with ML SERVICE, Milkline official milking parlours installer.

With 16 + 16 Milking Points and 360° rapid front exit, this milking parlour guarantees a precise and fast milking. Thanks to the integrated and technologically advanced MILKIT P4C SMART system it is possible to manage the milking process for a single quarter, the automatic interruption of milking to at the end of the flow and the active intervention of mastitis onset.

The vacuum system with Lobe Pump, Inverter and Variospeed guarantees extremely high performances with a fully respect of the environment.

The continuous animal monitoring and the DataFlow™ II herd management software allow to maximise the farm efficiency . Easy to use, the DataFlow ™ II software provides farmers with all the data they need to better control their farm.

The milking parlour is complete with the Clean-O-Smart washing system with automatic detergent dosing permits the perfect sanitization of the system and total customization of the cleaning cycles.

We congratulate the ZOOFARM ANIMAL HEALTH SRL dealer who impeccably installed this important milking plant and we take this opportunity to thank all those farmers who choose Milkline every day.







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