Milkline proactive 50 points rotary parlour with external milking

The Proactive 50 points Rotary Parlour withexternal milking is the best and most innovative solution for milking a large number of animals with a limited number of operators.

The external part of the rotary is completely covered with stainless steel panels to protect the internal components.

Equipped with the MilproP4C system specially developed to solve the problem of over milking and allows it to manage its arrest on every single quarter of the breast.

Using the Milgrip handle facilitates the work of the operators by reducing the effort of lifting and attachment of the milking unit.

At the end of the milking of each individual animal, the "Back Flushing" is performed, that is the washing and the sanitization of the milking group.

Lobi Vacuum Pumps, controlled by the Inverter, always work at the minimum rotation speed required, avoiding unnecessary vacuum and energy consumption.

The highly reliable double beam structure supports the loading of the milking platform and the cows thanks to the two steel beams. Moreover, heavy duty nylon rollers are used.

The parlour is also equipped with a 2-way Selection Gate for the automatic separation of animals after milking in special areas.

Data Terminal allows real-time insertion of data and events during milking.

DataFlow II software allows to maximize the efficiency of the company, to control the entire milking process and to manage the additional components such as Selector Gate and Data Terminal.

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