6+6 Herringbone Milking with P4C

Milkline is glad to be the trusted partner of Option Plus general trd for the installation of a new 6+6 herringbone milking parlour for 100 cows in United Arab Emirates.

The P4C control unit guarantees maximum performance and excellent control of the milking process. Thanks to Milpro P4C system it is possible to manage the milking and detect the milk conductivity per single quarter.

The continuous animal monitoring and the DataFlow™ II herd management software allow to maximise the farm efficiency.

The VARIOSPEED system regulate the activation of the milk pump at different and adjustable speeds depending on the process stage (milking or cleaning), the quantity of milk in the receiver and the operating conditions, ensuring a smooth, gentle and continuous milk transportation, as well as an optimised cleaning process and efficient cooling.

The Clean-O-Tronic cleaning system with automatic detergent dosing permits the perfect sanitization of the system and total customization of the cleaning cycles.

Milkline thanks Option Plus for choosing Milkline’s milking solutions.




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