Milchmobil 4x4



MilchMobil by Förster-Technik is a convenien, sturdy solution that makes supplying feed to calves in individual stalls or igloos easier, saving you lots of time and work. With MilchMobil, the feed mixing, heating, transporting, and dosing processes go much smoother and faster. MilchMobil 4x4 is ideally suited for a variety of different farm sizes – available in 120 and 200-liter versions.

Horizontal tank with water bath

The horizontal tank affords ergonomic filling. Four wheels and a low center of gravity make MilchMobil 4x4 highly stable in motion. A heated water bath gently warms the milk and stores warmth as well so calves get the feed at the right temperature

Cyclone cleaning

An integrated, rotating tank cleaning nozzle conveniently cleans the tank in a few easy steps at the push of a button, so MilchMobil 4x4 is ready to go again in no time.

Pendulum axle and steering

The four wheels of the MilchMobil 4x4 ensure optimal driving stability and, thanks to the pendulum axle, sufficient ground contact can be ensured, even on uneven terrain. The core of the new steering system is the specially developed axle steering system. Thanks to this, the MilchMobil 4x4 always follows the farmer and makes driving child’s play.

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