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16-17 April 2010
Centro Congressi PiacenzaExpo - Italy
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"RuminAct®™: innovative tool
for  Combined Rumination and
Activity Monitoring”
During April 16-17 2010, the 42nd National Italian Congress of Buiatric Vets took place in Piacenza, Italy.

Most of buiatric vets participated at the congress and several items about sanitary  and herd management were discussed. Very important professors and teachers explained to the audience their experiences and Milkline®, in partnership with SIVAM and SCR Technologies presented their results of using RUMINACT™.

Was really a honor for MILKLINE – SIVAM to introduce the presentation thanks to Prof. Doron Bar, SCR chief scientist and vet involved on developing precision dairy technologies. He explained  RUMINACT™ technical features and showed graphs and documents that easily demonstrate the product efficacy. Speaking in front of such important audience he discussed more about pathological aspects as abomasal displacement, ditocia, chetosi ora mastitis, that can be detected using RUMINACT™. Prof. Bar showed the RUMINACT™ specificity about nutritional aspects and it was clear that RUMINACT™ is an effective tool to manage fertility, nutrition and sanitary aspects.  At the  end  of  his  presentation Prof. Sali, Congress President and Chief of Vet Buiatric Clinic “San Francesco”, focused his attention on RUMINACT™, a useful tool in the farm, not only for farmer but vets as well.

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