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SIMA 2009
the Paris International Agri-Business Show
22-26 February 2009

Many are the news presented at our stand!

MILPRO P4C that was awarded with a Silver Medal at the “EuroTier 2008 Innovation Awards”. The Milpro® P4C is a complete solution to control individual milking points and it allows innovative functions as the quarter electronic pulsation to realize a real semi-take off function and the measure of the quarter electrical conductivity to allow a reliable sub-clinical mastitis detection.

A new simple way to implement an advanced Herd Management system in milking parlors and with the important possibility to apply it also to RTS barn.

Heatime®, the Plug&Play Heat Detection System with Infrared technology and the extreme potentiality of the RUMINACT™, the unique system able to detect and record the Ruminal Activity of each cow, creating a new Frontier in the world of the herd management.

New options: from the New SMS Interface to be always informed about alerts, to the new Heat-Select™, the new Plug&Play  advanced automatic selection system controlled by Heatime®

The new website dedicated to advanced product for Breeding and Feeding company like the famous Heatime® and RuminAct®™.






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