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RuminAct™ is the  brand new system that detect rumen activity through recording of typical rumination “sound”. This allow data elaboration in report and graphs that clearly shows how rumen activity can be affected by feeding changes, typical physiological phases (calving, lactation starting, etc.), discomfort linked to metabolic problems or lameness, general stress condition.
RuminAct™ also includes the famous and powerful total motion sensor for heat detection, low activity and ovaric cystes: Heatime®.
The system RuminAct™ is made up by the Hi-Tag (the “heart” of the system), the ID-Unit and the Dataflow II ™ Software that elaborates and shows rumen activity data through reports and graphs.

Tag features

Rumen activity and motion activity detection
The tag detect rumen activity with 97% of accuracy through the following parameters:
  • Minutes of rumination in 2h intervals (24h memory)
  • Average interval between boluses in last 24h (seconds)
  • Average interval between chewing actions in last 24h (seconds)

Motion activity is monitored through the following parameters
  • Total Motion Index in 2h intervals (24h memory)
  • Special algorithm for heat detection - 90% estrous detection


RuminAct™ show information about individual cow and groups of cow:

Individual cow
  • Early detection of metabolic disorders
  • Early detection general illness
  • Detection of nutritional sub-clinical disorders
  • Early warning on important events (estrous, calving)
  • Food consumption
  • Feeding monitoring (fiber quality, feeding intervals)
  • Stress and discomfort.

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