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On Saturday 10th-11st April 2010, in Obergerlafingen next to Bern, it took place by our dealer Rindlisbacher AG, the inauguration and Open Doors of their new building and consequently our new Milkline® Swiss Centre, with the presentation of the new milking system Milpro® P4C™ in Switzerland.

The company Rindlisbacher founded by Erich Rindlisbacher in 1982 is, since 1998, importer for the whole Milkline® Srl products range.
Since 2007 Frank Rindlisbacher, Erich Rindlisbacher’son, has become owner and Managing Director of the new Rindlisbacher AG.
The great Swiss team has really given its best and thanks to the proverbial Swiss organization, they structured an event, which will remain in Milkline® hystory.

With their new 1200mq structure, Rindlisbacher AG - Milkline® Swiss can surely now count on a greater exhibit space and on a more efficient store.


A very nice 6mt tall "lilac cow" welcomed all the visitors (journalists, suppliers, partners), and a warm sun allowed to the numerous clients visiting the amusing attractions organized by company Rindlisbacher AG: a playing-field for children, a caress-zoo with animal pups, an example of training and match of their national sport "Schwingen" (equivalent to our Greek-Roman fights) etc…
Thanks to a driven walk tours through the new building, the clients could see directly a big range of Milkline® products, or sitting in the special extra dedicated  room for watching the film on our P4C ... and so many others very beautiful and bright attractions.


Obviously Company Rindlisbacher AG organized a wonderful catering service, refreshment and music noteworthy for this occasion: Swiss specialty and really a fantastic Pizza cooked in firewood oven … everything under the supervision of a great baker, who could be the envy of  the best Italian pizza maker!

Congratulations boys,
really a good job!


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