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11-14 November 2008 - EUROTIER EXHIBITION
Hannover - Germany

We exhibited successfully at the Eurotier Exhibition in Hannover on 11-14 November 2008. It was really a great  success!
A SPECIAL THANK YOU  to you all, to your interest in our products, to your sympathy and cordiality, to your  constructive criticism… thanks of heart!
The silver medal by DLG German Organisation for our NEW MILPRO P4C SYSTEM, the complete solution to control individual milking points,  which allows:
- milk yield estimation
- the management of the automatic cluster removal,
- electrical conductivity
- electronic pulsation
- independent pulsation per single quarter
- flow-controlled pulsation with a semi-take off function
  per single quarter …

Our top product HEATIME®, the innovative system to detect heat in cows and heifers and all other news in milking sector which we presented on our stand,  received the attention of a huge visitors number, repaying our efforts. We are really very happy!

We will contact you soon replying and answering to your numerous request. See you soon!

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