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Global management of milking herd by powerful tools!

Complete and integrated database without loss of data.

herd management smart data entry system;
herd management simple and effective action lists;
herd management fertility and milk production test tools;
herd management management of health-related aspects;
herd management 2-way link with all milking and feeding systems;
herd management feed calculations;
herd management version for pocket PC, to always have your datawithin hand’s reach!

Match this system with Heatime® and/or with Milpro®2 t
o obtain 2 highly-profitable systems for your animal farm.

1. Fertility: DMS+Heatime®
It is a specific professional tool to improve the fertility of your milking herd. The power and completenessof the DMS management software are combined with:
herd management Maximum heat detection efficiency
herd management Identification of the best cow-bull match time
herd management Traceability of production output
herd management Management of bull semen inventory

2. Productivity: DMS+Milpro®2
herd management Herd management
herd management Production assessment
Attention list
Animal movements
Locker for medicinal products
Health reporting-management of bull semen inventory
Zoo-economic assessments

Very easy and quick data entry with one line-entry

A reason to choose DMS is because of it’s most intelligent data entry. It is extremely quick, easy and smart and it protects you from making mistakes.

Simple and effective action lists

Easy to see what cows are due to calf, or need to dry off or urgently need to be inseminated. These action lists are the ultimate help to improve the fertility of the herd.

Best milk production analyses with SPP

This production  analysing tool makes  your  milk meters  twice  as much worth.  With SPP you can see immediately where  you make you feeding mistakes.  No  other tool is that powerful and can help you really improve the milk production.

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Special tools for analysing the fertility of the herd

Graphs show results over a period of time so you can see when things went better or worse. The use of bulls and their results is analysed as well as the results of the deferent technicians.


Health analyses and medicine book

When health issues and medicine usage is entered two goals can be met. You can analyse what happened to improve future results. But with the same data you can fulfil official  administrational requirements, such as a medicine book.


DMS has a 2-way link with all process computers

The use of a process computer with auto cow identification becomes even more popular. The extra data entry work can be skipped by using a link with DMS. To use the data from the process computer (results form milk meters, feed leftover, and other sensors) through a complete 2-way link is much better. There is a big difference between one-way and two-way links: you will realize it with the DMS!

TMR feed calculations to bring down feed costs

This brand new very intelligent model optimises your feed rations and makes the best low-cost one. You can safe a lot of money and improve your bottom line.
DMS Mobile

This new module works on PDA’s running Microsoft Windows Mobile, and provides access to the cow’s records for both viewing and entering information on the move. Cow calendar events, lactation information and action lists can all be displayed on-screen and information recorded as it happens, without the user having to return to the office.
DMS-mobile is designed above all to provide quick access to the records and to be user friendly. To ensure this we use our tried and tested ‘Farmers Finger Interface’ - our way for users to be able to enter data using a finger rather than a stylus.   Once the information has been entered the next time the PDA is connected to the PC in the farm office, the data is automatically transferred and downloaded into the management program.
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