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Milkline® way for pulsation systems: SmartPulse Line

The Smartpulse pulsator lin e is no w co mpleted!!

On 15 April 2010 the Programmable Pulsator Servopulse was upgraded to the new Smartpulse version.
Starting from now as well the Master Pulsator Servopulse is upgraded to the new Smartpulse version.

The Smartpulse line feature is the innovative electronic pulsation system executed by a simple solenoid driven silicon membrane. This allow a lower consumption, make it lighter, more enduring and most of all whisper-quite.

The Smartpulse Programmable and Smartpulse Master can be used as replacement of the previous Servopulse version.

2 -Way Pulsators:

El. SmartPulse ML Master
El. SmartPulse ML Programmable
PCB Card for Programmable pulsator
PCB Card for Master pulsator

Master & Programmabile

Main differences to the previous version are:

Use of the newest “Precision Coil” already seen in our top product Milpro®P4C™, this mean lower consumption and better feedback.
Improvement of the already top level milking, massage and transitional phases.
Internal protected vacuum inlets.

Technical features:

Whisper-quite operation.
It can be cleaned in place by drawing cleaning fluids through the pulse tubes, without risk of damage to the solenoid valves.
Low current draw pulsator solenoid valves, enabling relatively small power supplies to be used.
Internal air filter as well as a nipple for easy connection to a filtered air system.
Bayonet mounted for easy installation, with a special baffle to reduce interference between the air flows on each channel of the pulsator.
Small number of componentes which are specifically designed for ease of field service.
Solenoid modules and external cover snap into place making servicing very easy without the need for special tools.



It can be used as replacement of the previous Servopulse version.
It gives the best with Milpro® RED, ED200, Milpro®2 and CombiTronic.


Indipendent and programmable pulsation
Internal microprocessor for accurate rate and ratio timing
8 different rates (from 50 to 180 ppm) and 8 ratios (from 50/50 to 70/30) are easily selected on the pulsator circuit board at installation
Possibility to give an identification number from 1 to 8 to the pulsators in order to have a delay time equal to 1/8th of a pulsation cycle at inizial power-on. The result of this is a ripple action throughout the pulsation system.
8 different settings available for Pulstor number, Rate and Ratio. A single press of either the Mode or Select buttons will show the settings of the board in a sequence of - Number, Rate and Ratio. To select the Mode, press and hold the Mode button

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