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Bigger display and new features improve your milking performances

The new ED200N is a vanguard technology product that combines milk yield, automatic teat cup remover and pulsation in a unique system.
The ideal choice for a high technology concept milking parlour with the minimum investment costs.

Big display to allow better milking info view
Milking phase and alarm display
TCR management, microprocessor-controlled and flow-adjustable
Milking functions control by single electric push button
Different pulsation programs, including teat stimulation and flow-controlled pulsation
Shorter milking time, more operator comfort:
- milking ensured with minimum maintainance requirements
- no more over-milkings and teat irritation
- quick hook/release on stainless steel bail
- simple installation in existing parlours
- conductivity detection by the brand new FFS30 COND optical sensor
- ready to be updated to Dataflow II, the most advanced real-time milking control and
  herd management system

New configuration for ED200 in Milkline® milking parlours 

Milkline® will soon introduce a new ED200 configuration system in its milking parlours.
The controller will be used together with the new Milkline® Servopulse Master and specially with the new line of Teat Cup Removers.

We will have 2 types of TCR available:

“ECR S/S ML-DV Autostart” ED200N
New full stainless steel, high performance TCR with unique features for the fastest milking routine.
-   Autostart function
Will feel it, starting immediately the milking procedure. It is not anymore necessary to push the start button and the attention can be kept on the real milking routine
-   Rapid release function
A special wide valve allows the fastest release of the hanging milking unit at the start of the milking operation.
New TCR that includes two indipendent control valves directly in its body. One valve is operating the RAM and one the shut-off valve
ED200N Operational scheme
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