BHN9 Milkline cooling tanks - closed type

They are designed for large dairy farms and they are equipped with automatic cleaning and detergent dosage.

Ergonomic design
BHN9 Milkline cooling tanks are equipped with a stainless steel millimetric rod and a litre conversion chart for measuring milk. BHN9 coolers are a closed type with a manhole lid and a watertight cover AISI304.
BHN9 Milkline cooling tanks butterfly valves facilitate the discharge of the milk.

Assured efficiency
BHN9 Milkline cooling tanks are equipped with a computerized FIPO 1 milk-controller system to manage all functions:
  • milk temperature control
  • milk temperature digital indication
  • programmable agitation
  • programmed start-up of the cooling system
  • automatic washing program
  • high operational flexibility
Automatic cleaning
BHN9 Milkline cooling tanks allow automatic washing Ramset type controlled by FIPO 1 milk-controller with the following characteristics:
  • low water and detergent usage
  • high efficiency washing system by high performance rotary diffusers made by Fic
  • wash water control
  • dosing pumps
  • programming and automatic selection of detergents
  • fast cooling
  • minimal energy consumption
  • FIPO 1 system
  • ideal for medium and large dairy farms
  • three-phase 400V + Neutro 50HZ
  • solenoids, command and control equipments 24 V power supply
  • thermal protection relay for the compressors adding to the compressor internal protection
  • thermal relay for three-phase agitators and thermal protection for the washing pump
  • magnetothermic switch
  • capacity (litres): 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 10.000, 12.000, 14.000, 16.000, 18.000, 20.000, 24.000
  • conforming to the EN 13732 class BII standard
  • OPTIONAL: electronic level for the amount milk measuring
  • OPTIONAL: possibility to connect to robotic milking systems
  • OPTIONAL: PC controlled cooler operation
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