Paper and cloth towels for teat cleaning

Teat preparation for milking is a very important task, both for the wellbeing of the cow as well as for the prevention of mastitis and the maintenance of high levels of quality production.

Benefits of a correct pre-milking routine

Cleaning the teat represents one of the phases of a correct pre-milking routine. Clean and dry teats are a guarantee for increased milk production of a higher quality. Sanitization can be performed with detergents and single-use papers, or with tissues soaked in disinfectant, but it is incorrect to use a stream of water. Infact, the teat should be perfectly dry at the moment of milking unit attachment, as only a few drops of water present on the tip can become the cause of udder infections in the milking location. Cloth towels can also be used, which have the advantage of being more absorbent than paper; after every milking they must be washed at a high temperature, disinfected and dried.

MilkTeat White Towel   MilkClean Alka

Soft, resistant, white towel made of 60% viscose and 40% polyester. Ideal for quick and effective teat drying after the pre-milking cleansing with the MILKTEAT FOAM sanitizing liquid.
MILKTEAT WHITE TOWEL has an excellent absorption capacity (over 900%).
The cloth is washable for a few months in a washing machine at a maximum temperature of 95°C.

Code: 0301415 – set of 50 towels – 340x280 mm – 200 g/m2 each

MilkTeat Wet Wipes      MilkClean Alka

High-quality, pre-moistened wipes that are ideal for correct stimulation of milk secretion, and which are perfect for cleansing the teat and/or the worker.
The wipes contain an effective cleansing formula designed for quick andefficient dirt removal. The alcohol present in the solution guarantees
perfect drying in a short amount of time.
MILKTEAT WET WIPES help to prevent the spread of bacteria that cause

Code: 0301413 – bucket - 600 wipes – 200x250 mm – 25g/m2 each

Code: 0301414 – refill - 600 wipes – 200x250 mm – 25g/m2 each

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