MilkTeat Foam        MilkClean Alka

Can 10 - 20 - 200 kg
Foaming sanitising liquid with chlorhexidine combined with softening and toning substances. MILKTEAT FOAM is a specific solution for udder hygiene prior to milking.
It cleanses and sanitises the udder, making the subsequent milking phase safe from a hygiene and sanitary standpoint.
Ongoing use of MILKTEAT FOAM combined with good management practices of the stall effectively reduces the incidence of environmental and contagious mastitis, improving the bacteriological quality of milk.

Correct stimulation of the udder increases blood levels of oxytocin. The increased blood levels of oxytocin and its transport to the udder induce the contraction of myoepithelial cells (involuntary smooth muscles that fully cover every alveolus like a basket mesh) with subsequent ejection of alveolar milk into the principal ducts and cistern, from which it can be removed by milking. The action of oxytocin on alveolar myoepithelial cells has a limited duration; hence, the importance of starting the milking process within 1 minute after stimulation. Dipping the teat into the detergent solution for at least 30 seconds “generally suffices” as a stimulus to trigger the oxytocin-releasing reflex.

MilkTeat Complete     MilkClean Alka Pro

Can 10 - 20 - 200 kg
Sanitising liquid based on chlorhexidine combined with softening, dermo-protective and re-epithelising substances.
MILKTEAT COMPLETE can be used for udder hygiene both before and after milking. The presence of softening and dermo-protective components prevents reddening and chapping of the teats.

Cows fed one and a half hours before milking produce more oxytocin, the hormone that triggers ejection of milk

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