Milk filters

Milk quality passes through a filter

The purpose of the filter contained in the milking unit is to protect milk quality.
Studies have demonstrated that milk filtering implies a reduction of standard bacterial load (-15%), of coliforms (-23%) and of the somatic cells (-14%).

Milk filters not only reduce milk contamination but also function as an alarm for the farmer. By gathering in a single point the components coming from different sources of farm contamination (vegetal fibres, animal materials, contamination by the operator, dirt of the environment, etc.), milk filters return a picture of the farm situation.

The analysis of the milk filter residue provides insights on the plant status and on the milking procedures. It is an easy and convenient tool which allows to verify the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, and save money, enabling a more efficient farm management and more warranties on the product.

In order to guarantee a constant production of quality milk, having high organoleptic and nutritional properties, the milk filter must be changed after every milking.

MILKLINE filters are able to protect milk quality. They are available in various sizes and formats and are approved for food contact.

MILKLINE also provides a complete range of different kinds of milk filters:

Milk filter socks

Milk filter discs

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