Detergents for hoof problems

MilkCare Foot Pro        MilkClean Alka

Can 20 - 220 kg
Foot solution based on glutaric aldehyde combined with copper and zinc sulphate. This mixture of several active ingredients has a powerful action against gram+ and gram- bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses.
MILKCARE FOOT PRO is intended for preventive/curative use for hoof problems.
Hoof problems are the third cause of economic loss in dairy farms, after mastitis and infertility.
Hoof diseases are a growing and pressing problem in modern dairy farms. Their negative effects concern several aspects of cattle breeding; it must especially be said that subjects with hoof diseases:
  • present a reduction in milk production
  • easily lose weight
  • spend less time in the manger (reduced intake of food)
  • consume poor quality rations; in fact, healthy cows eat first, choosing their food
  • present more complicated conditions when they are in heat and, in a broad sense,poor reproductive indexes
One of the predisposing factors for hoof problems and limping is organic pollution of the hoof; cows are often forced to stand for hours on their excrement or on bedding that is not regularly cleaned.
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