The automatic ML MPD AUTOSTART teat remover was created to provide the operator with the maximum ease when starting milking operations.

The “Autostart” function allows the milking to start by simply lifting the milking cluster.

Benefits for the farmer:
  • ease to use
  • easy and quick installation
  • very low maintenance times and costs
  • animal comfort during milking phase
The automatic ML MPD AUTOSTART teat cup remover consists of:
  • stainless steel piston
  • single control unit (to manage all the TCRs installed simultaneously)
  • flow sensor
  • command button

It is possible to set all working parameters by a single “Master Controller” power unit, connected online to every TCR installed:
  • milk flow first waiting time
  • minimum al milk flow level to start cluster removal
  • delay time for cluster removal
  • milking stop function in case of cluster fall-off
  • residual milk removal from milking unit

All operations (START-STOP-MANUAL-AUTOMATIC) are controlled by a simple and wide push button.

A led in the cylinder head informs about the TCR working status:
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