MilproP4C is a very advanced technology system that allows the farmer to have complete control over the milking process.
This product peculiarity and high efficiency are due to the presence of innovative functions for milking per single quarter

The P4C system consists of three fundamental elements:
  • Milking cluster – Milpro Dynamic P4C equipped with:
    • dynamic flow separator with built-in four conductivity cells
    • deflector, which neutralizes the typical turbulent milk flowing from the liners to the claw, thus avoiding the “spray effect” between the single teats
    • silicone liners Milkline Milpro
  • Electronic pulsator – Servo Pulse P4C with four independent pulsation channels that allow to choose among different types of milking (front - rear, left - right)
  • Controller – MilproP4C closely linked to Servo Pulse P4C and e Milpro Dynamic P4C, to control all the functions of the milking process.
Choosing P4C you will have:
  • milk flow-controlled pulsation with automatic stimulation function
  • real milking stop function per single quarter reducing the related overmilking effect
  • mastitis warning – capability to detect subclinical mastitis per single quarter reducing business expenses and ensuring animals wellness
  • complete recording of milking data
  • total compatibility with MilconHM herd management system
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