ED200 is an advanced technology product that manages production, pulsation and TCR in a unique system.

The unit is ergonomic and easy to install, and it adapts easily to any type of milking parlor. Although requiring a small investment, ED200 guarantees perfect control over the milking unit.

Choosing ED200 Milkline, you will have:
  • an advanced unit with minimal investment
  • the possibility to install it either with or without cabinets
  • simple installation in existing milking parlors
  • guaranteed milking with minimal maintenance requirements
  • reduced milking time, more comfort for the operator
  • optimal animal wellness, by eliminating over-milking
  • display of warning and alerts during milking
  • wide screen display to clearly show milking information
  • high flexibility in TCR management
  • conductivity detection through the new optical sensor FFS30 COND
  • suitable to be connected to MilconHM, real-time milking control and herd management system
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