Milkline proposes two types of electronic pulsators in the Smartpulse line:
  • SmartPulse Master
  • SmartPulse programmable.
The Smartpulse line is characterized by easy and efficient components and it allows simple and inexpensive maintenance. The pulsation system is power-assisted through a solenoid controlled silicone membrane. This feature allows a lower energy consumption of and makes the pulsators less subject to mechanical wear.

Smartpulse line Milkline pulsators are extremely silent and equipped with an internal air filter and a connector, which can be easily connected to the air filtration system.

They are easy to clean on-site by drawing water through the pulsation tubes, without any risk of damage to the electrovalves.

By choosing the SmarPulse line you will have a product that is:

  • safe and efficient
  • very silent
  • built-up from few and simple components
  • quick and easy maintenance
  • low energy consumption

With SmartPulse Programmable you will also achieve:

  • independent and programmable pulsation with 8 different rates (from 50 to -80 ppm) and 8 ratios (from 50/50 to 70/30)
  • possibility to program shifted phase for 8 pulsator groups - , cascade system
  • easy programming through the two buttons on the pulsator circuit board
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