Variospeed Level

The use of centrifugal milk pumps to transfer milk from the milk receiver to the cooling tank is one of the causes for the increase of the free fat acids in milk.
High rotation speed, together with the presence of air in the pipeliness, causes “shaking” (with lipolysis) and has a consequent negative effect on the final yield of the cheese making.
The control system Variospeed substantially reduces this phenomenon, adjusting the milk pump rotation speed according to the real needs of the milking plant.

Variospeed is the milk transportation control system proposed by Milkline. It allows the full milk pump capacity available during milk flow peaks and the washing phases, while the pump automatically reduces rotation speed in case of regular milk flow.


  • less milk shaking and consequently higher yield of cheese making
  • more efficiency of milk filter
  • less wear of pump, seals and no-return valve
  • gradual start and stop
  • less power consumption

Different types of Variospeed:

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