VarioSpeed VCU Easy

Inverter VarioSpeed VCU Easy is a continuous control system that allows to produce the necessary amount of vacuum for the milking plant by adjusting the vacuum pump speed.
A sophisticated digital vacuum meter constantly measures the milking plant vacuum level, and the inverter maintains the set value by either increasing or decreasing the vacuum pump rotations according to the real needs of the different milking and cleaning phases.
In this way, the inverter considerably reduces vacuum fluctuations in the milking plant, while achieving evident energy savings and dramatic noise reduction.
VarioSpeed VCU Easy is available for different power ranges and different configurations of vacuum systems, and it is suitable to manage one or two vacuum units at the same time.
The advanced control software is already optimized to easily set the different milking vacuum levels, which can be simply selected by operating directly on a specific selector on a comprehensive and easy-to-read control panel.

VarioSpeed VCU allows a drastic reduction in the milking system's energy consumption, saving more than 50%.
VarioSpeed VCU Easy is suitable for all types of vacuum units.


  • it can manage two vacuum units
  • energy saving
  • reduced noise
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