Vacuum Systems

The production of vacuum is one of the key points for the proper functioning of a milking plant. Vacuum generating and control systems must guarantee total respect for the animal's health.
Vacuum is used in different milking stages:
  • milk extraction during milking
  • vacuum operated pulsators, which guarantee the massage-milking alternate phases
  • milk transfer from pipelines to milk line
  • cluster removal
  • diaphragm valve operation in many parts of the milking plant.
The vacuum also determines the mechanical action of the milking plant cleaning solutions.

A milking plant must have a suitable, stable and continuous vacuum level in order to avoid excessive teat stimulation.

Due to the special manufacturing procedures and strict controls, Milkline vacuum pumps guarantee, at equal power absorption, higher flow rate without compromising reliability and durability.

Milkline vacuum units can meet the requirements of any milking plant.

Milkline vacuum units' compact and practical design allows easy installation and minimal servicing.
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