Vacuum Regulator

The Vacuum Regulator is one of the most important parts of the milking parlor, because it maintains a stable vacuum level immediately compensating the air entrance which may occur during normal milking operations. The regulator consists of an automatic valve that is designed to maintain a constant vacuum level through the entire milking plant.
Milkline provides a wide range of regulators, which can compensate as quickly as possible any vacuum variation in the system, favouring good udder conditions.

Servo-vacuum regulators

Milkline servo-vacuum regulators for vacuum systems are able to reacts instantly to the minimal fluctuation in vacuum in the system. They are equipped with a sensor that makes them more sensitive and reactive.
They guarantee a constant vacuum level allowing efficient and regular milking. Milkline servo valves have a 1.500 up to 4.500 l/min nominal capacity.


  • immediate and reliable response
  • maximum vacuum stability
  • 30-60 kPa regulation range

Membrane vacuum regolators

Milkline membrane valves are very efficient vacuum regulators which have an optimal quality/price ratio. They are able to maintain a constant vacuum level in the milking plant system, even under particularly difficult conditions. Membrane valves operate with a balancing membrane and a pneumatic actuator. Milkline membrane vacuum regulators capacity can reach 2.400 l/min.


  • optimal vacuum level monitoring
  • 30-60 kPa regulation range
  • easy regulation
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