Mitica Tandem milking parlor

Mitica Milkline is a tandem milking parlor suitable for small dairy farms and for buffaloes milking. The animals are placed in single stalls, parallel to the milking pit, so that the operator has an excellent side view of the animals.

This direct attention to the individual animal allows the operator to detect possible udder health problems early. Moreover, the typical tandem parlor arrangement allows an easy man to animal interaction during milking. This is a key factor for an accurate and precise working routine, which results in higher productivity performances.

Benefits for the farmer:

  • an efficient milking and is respectful of the animal's health
  • operator's safety
  • adequate investment costs

Standard structure:

  • made from top quality materials
  • hot-dip galvanized steel structure
  • Texas doors on both sides of the parlor
  • automatic Teat Cup Removers (TCRs)

In order to make milking even more comfortable and efficient, Milkline proposes:

  • stainless steel pit edge protection
  • “Milpro P4C” - advanced milking monitoring system
  • “Milcon” - herd management system
  • “Clean-o-Tronic” - automatic cleaning system
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