RTS pipeline milking systems

The RTS pipeline milking systems are designed for tie stall barns because they allow the cow to be milked at the stall. Working times are reduced compared to the bucket milking system because the emptying operation is not necessary. The RTS pipeline milking system consists of milk and vacuum lines and RTS clusters.
The milk line is characterized by a milk pipeline placed above the animals at 2 m maximum height. The pipes are given proper inclination to favour milk flow to the milk cooling tank.

Milkline proposes two types of milking units for the RTS pipeline milking systems:
  1. Milking units with electronic pulsation, equipped with a rapid bayonet connection for vacuum line, milk line and power supply and with the Pulsator Stop function to prevent both overmilking and cluster fall off at the end of the milking.
    • The RTS200 milking unit features an ergonomic design with lighting display to read information. Although simple, the RTS200 milking unit has an FFS30 optical sensor to control milk flow and for the electronic measurement of milk production. The software can be personalized and customized using Palm.
    • The MC200/RTS milking unit is an alternative and cheaper choice compared to the RTS200. It enables the measurement of the milk production.
  2. The MC200/RTS is an inexpensive pneumatic pulsation milking unit equipped with a simple connection for vacuum line and milk line.
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