Alkaline detergent

MilkClean Alka        MilkClean Alka

Can 25 kg - 220 kg
Chloro-active, non-foaming, alkaline sanitiser with sodium hypochlorite. Indicated for recirculation or manual washing with sponges and brushes to remove protein substances, fats, starch, organic residue in a broad sense, and for sanitisation of all washable surfaces. The presence of organic sequestering additives makes the product also suitable for use with hard water.

It is mandatory to wash the plant soon after every milking cycle. Alkaline-based products have an excellent cleansing action against fats, proteins and starch. Alkaline cleansing must be performed every day after every milking cycle.

MilkClean Alka Pro     MilkClean Alka Pro

Can 25 kg - 220 kg
Strong alkaline, low foaming sanitising liquid indicated for removing organic residue from recirculation washing systems. Easily removes protein substances, fats, starch and organic residue in a broad sense. The presence of organic sequestering additives makes the product also suitable for use with hard water through inhibition of the precipitation of salts that cause water hardness. The properties make the weekly descaling procedure unnecessary, as it can be performed occasionally or when required.
Water temperature is essential for cleaning efficiency. The washing process must only be performed with drinking water, and in compliance with the following procedure:
  • prewash with cold or warm water (30-35 °C) to remove most of the residual substance left by milk (do not use warm water that might coagulate milk proteins, contributing to the formation of milk stone) without recirculation;
  • wash with detergent and disinfectant, with recirculation to be performed at the recommended temperature for the product used;
  • rinse to remove all residual detergents and disinfectants; warm water without recirculation is recommended.

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