Milkline “STD” portable milking machine will make your job easier and quicker!

Milkline “STD” portable milking machines are characterized by their easy use and maintenance. They are the best solution for any kind of dairy farm, large or small, pasture or stable based. Thanks to it sturdy frame, entirely made in Italy, and the sturdy components, it can be easily moved around even in hostile spaces, without sacrificing a quick and safe milking.

The sturdy materials, which the Milkline “STD” portable milking machine is made of, ensure a quality milk production anywhere, reducing the stress for the animals to a minimum. This means higher milk quality and production.

The 30 L transparent containers and the 40/50 L stainless steel containers enable minimizing waiting times and further reduce milking times.

With the portable milkers you can milk up to 32 cows, collecting the milk in 30 L transparent containers or 40/50 L stainless steel containers.
Milkline “STD” portable milking machines are available in different configurations: with one or two milking buckets and with gasoline engine.

Milkline “STD” portable milking machines provide:
  • Operator and animal's safety
  • Easy and sturdy mobility
  • Milking time reduction
  • Quality milk and higher milk production
  • High milking capacity
  • Entirely made in ITALY
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