With Milkline “Basic” portable milking machines your job will be easier and quicker!

The Milkline “Basic” portable milkers allow the production of high quality milk under the best hygienic conditions and reduces totally the stress for the animal.

Milkline “Basic” portable milker trolleys are entirely handmade in Italy, which improves their reliability and sturdiness. Thanks to the hot dip galvanization of the structure, which models the portable milker, milking becomes safer and secure.

These characteristics make the Milkline “Basic” portable milker a long lasting product. The Milkline “Basic” portable milker can be used for one or two animals at the same time, thanks to the different typologies of milking buckets. The portable milkers can be arranged with one or two 30 liter milking buckets each. Portabler milkers with stainless steel 25 liter milking buckets are available on demand.

Daily cleaning of the components involved in milking can be perfectly and easily performed.

Milkline “Basic” trolleys provide:
  • high milking performance anywhere
  • reliability and sturdiness - MADE IN ITALY
  • a wide range of products
  • easy handling and cleaning
  • available for cattle, sheep and goats
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