Milkline® rubber mats

Milkline® provides top quality rubber mats which are ideal to coat floors in milking parlors, waiting areas and passageways.

Milkline® mats have a non-slip surface which guarantees the highest traction and thus allows your cows to move comfortably and safely.

They are designed to prevent dirt gathering and guarantee a drier and cleaner environment

Some farmers' comments
"Cows like walking on rubber very much" (Bergamo).
"Milkline provides the best floor coating for my cows" (Mantova).
"Sole ulcers are 50% less since we installed Milkline rubber mat" (Lodi).
"No more podal problems caused by overload" (Brescia).


  • maximum animal comfort,
  • easy to install anywhere,
  • optimal hygiene,
  • non-slip surface,
  • significant enhancement of hoof health.
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