Milkline® mattresses

Cows on dairy farms are healthy if they can behave naturally:
  • getting up and lying down whenever they need to, without painful pressure on the joints
  • drinking at will
  • resting voluntarily at least 12 hours a day

In order to encourage cows natural behaviour, Milkline® provides latex mattresses encased in a highly resistant polypropylene tissue.

Ecolattex Milkline® mattresses are designed to guarantee the correct balance between softness and load bearing strength, avoiding losses of balance and injuries due to accidental falls. The open cellular structure of both external tissue and internal material allows air circulation under the animal, thus avoiding dangerous udder irritations.

Ecolattex mattresses did not show any surface deformation even after 100.000 impacts (DLGTest). The mattress special structure always retains the initial thickness keeping the cloth well stretched and avoiding ditchings with the consequent stagnation of liquids and urine.


  • reduction of costs, maintenance work and cow cubicles cleaning
  • improvement of the hygiene
  • reduction of the bacterial colonies that are the main cause of environment and coli mastitis
  • improvement of the conditions of rest and productivity of the animals
  • impact and abrasion injury risks reduction
  • they are soft, comfortable, non-slip, and dries fast
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