Milkline® cow brushes

Milkline® rotary cow brushes are designed to enhance health, comfort and hygiene of your cows

It has been scientifically proven at the Cornell University (Ithacan New York) that lactating cows using the rotary brush show a significant increase in milk production up to 1 kg a day and a decrease in the occurrence of clinical mastitis.

Cows need scratching! The installation of a Milkline® electric brush was highly appreciated by the cows, which was highlighted by frequent and intensive use: the cows were clean, active and relaxed.


  • make your cows quieter and more relaxed
  • better skin perspiration
  • stimulate and regularize the blood circulation
  • maximize the cow comfort
  • remove parasites, crusts and old coat
  • easy to install on a post or against the wall
  • low energy consumption
  • easy to clean
  • suitable for 50 up to 60 cows
  • increase cows movement in the stable
Milkline® cow brushes can be provided with 220 V or 110 V engines with hourglass rolls which guarantee the correct pressure and ergonomic adherence to the animal's shape. They start to rotate by contact and a specifically designed internal software controls the direction of the rotation of the brushes when they start to work, clockwise and anticlockwise; this allows less wear and deformation of the bristles, which retain their hardness longer.

Rotation speed has been studied to guarantee the maximum comfort for the cows. The PPL techno polymer bristles have the right length and hardness to stimulate blood circulation while helping to keep the cow clean and quiet with a pleasant massage.

In the case of forced stop, the automatic locking with inverter makes the brushes safe and unique, and the overvoltage, under voltage or rise in temperature sensors regulate proper functioning.

Milkline® brushes are provided pre-mounted in order to facilitate the installation with a practical user guide.

Milkline® brushes are easy to clean with pressure washers and this favours the good hygiene of the stable.
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