Wireless Camera Monitoring System

All in one box!

cowCam is the complete solution for comfortable and efficient farming. With cowCam you get better control of, for example, automatic milking and calving which leads to increased profit. Chosen areas in the barn are overviewed comfortably from the house or, via a mobile phone, wherever you are!


  • 1 Wireless and water resistant video camera to install in the barn
  • 2 Antennas for 800m wireless range (25m & 5m antenna cables)
  • 1 videoLink for indoor range extension
  • 2,5” LCD-monitor with built in speaker
  • 1 Earphone for the LCD-monitor
  • 2 AV-cables for connection to TV/video
  • 2 Rechargeable batteries for the LCD monitor    (4h battery time)
  • 3 Power adaptors for power supply in barn and home
  • 1 cowCam Online USB-adapter (30 day free trial included).

How it works:

  • The camera monitors your cattle, the signal is transmitted through the cable to the A300-antenna outside the barn.
  • The signal is sent from barn to home via the A300-antennas.
  • The videoLink receives the signal through the A300-antenna and retransmits it in your home for better picture quality.
  • In your home, you can monitor your cattle comfortably, either wirelessly on the portable LCD monitor, or through a computer or TV connected to the videoLink.
  • Use your computer and cowCam Online to see your cattle wherever you are through the internet.

cowCam Online included in all cowCam-boxes! See your cows wherever you are!

*(the cowCam software is part of your kit, the online monitoring service is available for 4 euros/month)

Click and start the transmission!

Available Accessories:

  • Extra night light - 120 m2
  • Extra camera kit including: 1 antenna; 1 antenna cable; 1 camera
  • cowCam Online - 4€ / month fee

Watch how to install the app on your cell phone!

Watch the cowCam movie!

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