Milktaxi: the first mobile mixing and dosing device!

Give your body a break; carrying heavy buckets is a thing in the past. MilkTaxi performs the strenuous part of the job, which makes calf feeding fun again, for you and your employees. Additionally, if you want to save valuable time, then read on!

Here’s how a MilkTaxi works:

  • the milk diet is mixed and warmed to drinking temperature
  • the practical chassis enables easy milk transport to calf pens
  • the battery-powered pump ensures accurately dosen quantities in the buckets
  • a pasteurization unit is instrumental in providing a whole milk diet without any disease risk
  • the numerous and varied options, such as warm water-fired heater, milk churn support, and drenching equipment, meet all your needs!

Main features:

  • MilkTaxi, 80L, 120L, 200L model versions, with a flexible chassis with four wheels
  • powerful agitator, active at regular intervals during milk heating
  • parking brake
  • ergonomic handles
  • MilkTaxi, 250L model version, built as a trailer, with jack wheel
  • tank made of easy-to-clean, polished stainless steel
  • electronic control with liquid level sensor and thermometer
  • 1 1/4 drain tap for draining without residues

Pasteurization for a healthy milk diet!

Common bacteria that may cause mastitis in cows play also an important part in relation to disease issues in the calf pen. These bacteria, if present in the milk diet, will penetrate directly into the digestive system of the calf and could cause diarrhoea. Milk pasteurization is a treatment that subjects milk to heat for certain time. Then, none of the important disease pathogens are an issue any more, at 99% of the populations destroyed. Milk to be fed over the next 12 hours needs to be cooled. The cold water-based cooling unit, which is included in the standard equipment of the pasteuriser, offers quick cooling of the milk to 15°C, either after a pasteurization cycle or after part of the milk was fed to the calves. This is a very effective way of minimising bacteria growth.

How MilkTaxi can help you save money...?

Calves that are consistently fed the correct amount of milk diet, at the proper temperature and of the highest quality (as low in bacteria as possible or pasteurised) will be less susceptibile to future diseases, grow faster, and exhibit a more consistent weight gain! A severe case of diarrhoea will cost you approx. €250!

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