Mildrink: the automatic calf feeding device

The efficient feeding of calves by applying the proper management can substantially decrease the probability of future problems, reduce cost, maximize income and provide a firm foundation for a stable and healthy breeding. The ultimate method is to feed the calves with individually-adapted, small and moderate portions. This solution allows the animals to digest the food properly thus it facilitates their growth and reduces food waste.
The Mildrink feeding system provides the right portion and concentration of feed throughout the day similarly to the natural needs and behavior of the calf. By the distribution of small and adequate daily servings, Mildrink supports the development of the animal's digestive tract. Your investment in our feeding system pays off quickly, providing you with healthier calves, increased growth, improved feed efficiency and labour savings, up to 60-70%.


  • Innovative, animal-friendly technology
  • Longevity due to solid manufacturing
  • Animal and equipment specialists for customer service


  • Adjustment of the milk temperature
  • Security valve to prevent calves from stealing milk from the others
  • Animal scales
  • Parallel drink-feeding of several calves
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Hygienic whole milk system
  • Integrated computer
  • Power saving feature

The Igloo-System for whole year out-door rearing of calves

  • Healthy calves by plenty of fresh air, low germ pressure and a lot of motion
  • Animal friendly housing in groups
  • Labour saving calf rearing
  • Flexible enlargement because of the modular concept
  • One segment and one igloo holds 15 calves
  • Weather independent management
  • Detached areas for the separation of calves by fencing
  • Passing light 3,20 m in the lying area
  • Optimal conditions for the hoof due to the concrete base
  • The calf can choose the place it prefers – inside the igloo when the weather is bad or in the area in front of the igloo when the weather is good
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